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Whether as your biller or as a consultant and whether your clinic is established or if you're just starting out, here are the topics we can address...
Billing and Consulting Services
Accounts receivable management; get a handle on an out of control aging report
Back office best practices...
I grew up in a family business in the health care industry, and the entrepreneurial spirit of my father has certainly been passed down to me. My father owned and operated The Cottages of Albuquerque, an assisted living facility for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. I remember as a high schooler laying wire mesh on...
Feel free to get in touch. If you’re interested in billing, IT or consulting services, I’ve been expanding my business and am taking on additional clients and projects. We can take a look at your overall business -- from claims and financials to software applications and workflow and everything in between -- to provide solutions for the challenges...
Ryan is a true team player. He has picked up the idiosyncrasies of physical therapy billing, with a myriad of insurances, in an efficient and professional manner. His knowledge of computer software and programming has been a real asset to our organization. He has been courteous with all who do business with my organization, and has been quick to adapt to difficult situations. My office staff works easily with him, and he has great communication skills to keep the collections side of my business running smoothly.
Carolyn Stoklosa
Owner/Physical Therapist
Southwest Physical & Sports Therapy, Ltd.